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Les Talens Lyriques

In 1991, the world-renowned Ensemble Les Talens Lyriques was founded by internationally regarded orchestral conductor Christophe Rousset. Since then, Les Talens Lyriques has made a name for itself performing some of the rarest (and sometimes previously unpublished) lyrical and instrumental compositions ranging from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, breathing life into some of Europe’s most complex and brilliant musical heritage.

About Les Talens Lyriques

Since 1991, Les Talens Lyriques has risen to become one of the most accomplished cultural institutions in France, and has illuminated a long, often forgotten history of diverse European music. The Ensemble is comprised of extremely talented musicians, from many different backgrounds and generations. In addition to performing all across the globe with this immensely talented group, Les Talens Lyriques leads educational residencies, educational workshops, and other programs dedicated to equipping students with the cutting-edge knowledge and practice needed to enter the musical production industry. In this way, the Ensemble simultaneously brings a rich musical past into a contemporary forum, and ensures its continuation for future generations to come.

GRoW Support

Since 2004, we have provided a variety of support for the organization, ranging from the Ensemble’s United States tour, to innovative youth education programs, to annually contributing to each season of performances put on by the musical group. In 2015, Gregory’s personal artwork was featured as the cover of one of the Ensemble’s CD’s, which is entitled Rameau Zais.

To learn more, visit Les Talens Lyriques.

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