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Musée des Arts Décoratifs

With its expansive permanent and temporary collections, exhibits, arts education programming, and professional training, Musée des Arts Décoratifs (MAD) strives to preserve and display the powerful historical, artistic, and design elements of utilitarian objects.

Examining Beauty in Everyday Objects

MAD is the second-oldest and largest museum in Paris, after the Louvre. Separated across three sites in Paris, MAD has been a major cultural powerhouse since its founding in 1882, when it was known as the Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs. True to its mission, MAD aims to promote the decorative arts which makes “useful things beautiful” through a collection of objects linked to industrial production, culture, and design. Their enormous collection contains hundreds of thousands of objects comprised of a vast range of materials and utilities, including dollhouses, stained glass, and furniture. In addition to safeguarding and displaying the collections, MAD is dedicated to providing arts education opportunities and professional training for those in the fields of art and design.  

GRoW Support

2017 – Museum Renovation

2017 – United States General Operating Support

2016 – United States General Operating Support

2015 – United States General Operating Support

2012 – Exhibition – “Deux Siecles d’Elegance, Masterpieces from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art”

2011 – Exhibition – Jean-Paul Goude

2011 – Operations – Acquisition of “Barbie Foot”

2009 – Operations – Acquision of “Deuxième Rhinocéros”

2006 – Educational Department Renovation

2005 – Educational Department Renovation

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