The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

Through its vast network of programs, the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles works to build a tightly-knit community of Jewish people locally, nationally, and globally, and to address urgent needs within that community and beyond.

Establishing Community, Addressing Needs

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles strives to address the greatest areas of need for Jewish and non-Jewish individuals both locally and internationally. Through its programming, events, and outreach—in line with the tenets of Judaism—the Federation works to create a diverse, globally-connected community. Some of the Federation’s areas of focus include providing funding for Angelenos who are hungry, delivering services to those who are developmentally disabled, building relationships with organizations in Israel, providing security resources for schoolchildren in the L.A. area, engaging the local Jewish community, developing professional groups, and working toward addressing community needs.

GRoW Support

2018 – Program – In-Home Care for Los Angeles Holocaust Survivors

2015 – General Operating Support

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