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Crete Academy

Crete Academy delivers an educational program to students TK-6th grade who are homeless and living in poverty, that will meet their physical, mental and emotional needs while developing strong character and critical thinking skills so that each child is prepared for college and beyond.

Educational Instruction that Creates Opportunities and Changes the Cycle of Poverty for Children

Crete Academy

Crete Academy was co-founded by individuals passionate about creating educational and social-emotional opportunities for children living in poverty.  The founders of Crete Academy developed a vision, mission, and model that embodies Crete Academy's goals; to deliver an educational program that meets the physical, mental, and emotional needs of students from Transitional kindergarten – 6th grade and prepare them with the skills, character, and mental well-being necessary to access college and beyond. 

The Crete model exemplifies the Core Values of Character, Responsibility, Equality, Teachability, and Excellence, with each value embedded in the daily educational program students receive.  Crete students are taught to be students of strong character who take responsibility for their actions, accept success and failure with the same degree of humility, value difference and diversity in themselves and others, and complete all tasks with a level of excellence, commitment, and intelligence.  A key component of the Crete model is the Wellness Program, a research-based program implemented with community partners to provide the services and information children need to achieve long-term nutritional, physical, emotional, and mental wellness.

The Greek word "Crete" means to create.  Crete Academy is committed to creating an educational environment that meets the basic needs of students impacted by their circumstances while challenging every learner with a rigorous college preparatory program to develop the academic and life skills that lead to long-term success.  At Crete, all students have the opportunity to succeed and thrive, despite their circumstances. 

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