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At the historic Egyptian and Aero Theatres in Los Angeles, American Cinematheque develops programming to keep the experience of movie-going alive, using unique presentation methods to show works of moving picture in all forms, as well as hosting events and speakers linked to Hollywood.


Two Historic Theatres

American Cinematheque

Since 1981, American Cinematheque has strived to preserve the rich history of the movie-watching experience.  In order to do so, the organization is chiefly concerned with preserving and developing programming at two of Los Angeles' oldest, most famous theatres: the Egyptian Theatre, which was built in 1922, and the Aero Theatre, built in 1940. Both the Egyptian and the Aero are fully equipped with state of the art technology, including the ability to show films in 70 mm, 35 mm, and digital forms. In fact, the Egyptian is entirely unique – it is the only one of its kind in the United States capable of using the aforementioned mediums, in conjunction with films on nitrate and digital laser projection. Using these varied and advanced technology, the theatres show old Hollywood classics, as well as new domestic and international films, and host film festivals, Hollywood speakers, and previews.

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Programming - Educational Programming at Egyptian and Aero Theatres

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