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American Film Institute

The mission of the American Film Institute is to preserve the heritage of the motion picture, honor the artists and their work, and educate the next generation of storytellers.

Preserving and Supporting American Film

American Film Institute

American Film Institute (AFI) was founded by a 1965 presidential mandate by Lyndon B. Johnson. The institute established a filmmaker training program and the AFI Catalog of Feature Films. In 1969, the training program that was located in Hollywood evolved into the AFI Conservatory – an accredited and highly prestigious graduate school. This program provides training in cinematography, directing, editing, producing, production design, and screenwriting. AFI also offers important education programming for K-12 schools in Los Angeles. Some other notable programs and events that AFI has established over the years include the AFI Directing Workshop for Women, the AFI Silver Theater and Cultural Center, AFI Docs, AFI Fest, AFI Director's Series, AFI Writer's Room, and the AFI Awards. A nonprofit organization with a prestigious list of Hollywood alumni and an equally impressive board of directors, AFI continues to lead the way in preserving the art of American storytelling and film history.

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