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Anthology Film Archives

The international center for the preservation, study, and exhibition of film and video — especially independent, experimental, and avant-garde cinema — is dedicated to advancing the medium as an art form.

Film as Art, Not Disposable Entertainment

Anthology Film Archives

Based in New York, Anthology Film Archives was founded in 1970 by Jonas Mekas, Jerome Hill, P. Adams Sitney, Peter Kubelka, and Stan Brakhage. The first film museum exclusively devoted to film as an art form, Anthology Film Archives aims to protect the heritage of cinema outside the commercial mainstream from becoming extinct.

Since its establishment, Anthology Film Archives' work has expanded far beyond its original purpose. Today, the organization maintains a reference library boasting the world's largest collection of periodicals, books, stills, and other paper materials relating to avant-garde cinema. Further, Anthology Film Archives operates an innovative exhibition program that screens more than 900 diverse and eclectic movies each year. Through this work, the organization seeks to preserve components of film history that are in danger of being overlooked or forgotten by mainstream cultural institutions.


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