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Chester Beatty

The Irish museum promotes widespread understanding and appreciation of world cultures with its impressive collection of manuscripts, books, and other treasured objects from across the globe.

Fostering Understanding and Curiosity in the Art World

Chester Beatty

The diverse works displayed in Chester Beatty (formerly known as the Chester Beatty Library) once belonged to the private collection of Sir Alfred Chester Beatty, a mining magnate and prominent art collector/philanthropist. Born in New York to a father whose family was Irish, Beatty later relocated to London and then to Dublin. Along the way, he amassed one of the most prolific collections of global paintings, manuscripts, prints, textiles, and sculptures in the world. Upon arriving in Dublin in 1953, Beatty established a library and gallery to display his collection for public access.

Today, the Chester Beatty displays treasured works from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, derived from world religions including Islam, Judaism, Christianity, ancient Egyptian faiths, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. As Ireland's only national cultural institution with a focus on global artistic heritage, the Chester Beatty offers exhibitions and educational programming that hold a unique place in Ireland's artistic and cultural landscape.

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