New College, Oxford New College, Oxford

New College, Oxford

One of the largest colleges at the University of Oxford offers an environment that fosters social, academic, and professional success. 

Making a Medieval Institution Modern

New College, Oxford

New College at the University of Oxford was established in 1379 by William Wykeham, who was the bishop of Winchester. Wykeham envisioned a college with one warden and 70 fellows, including both undergraduate and graduate level students, with all students participating in religious services and the school's choir. Many centuries of reform and expansion later, the New College Choir remains central to the school's identity. Today, New College is one of Oxford's largest and most diverse colleges, with 430 undergraduates and 360 graduates. Its model seeks to nurture the development and curiosity of the whole student, encouraging academic learning and inquiry, interpersonal connection, and pursuit of one's individual passions and interests beyond the classroom.

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