Barenboim-Said Center for Music Barenboim-Said Center for Music

Barenboim-Said Center for Music

The music academy in Palestine seeks to enrich cultural life through education programming and appreciation concerts.

Making Music Education Accessible in the Middle East

Barenboim-Said Center for Music

The Barenboim-Said Center for Music (BSCFM) was established in 2003 with a steadfast belief in the power of music to enhance human life. The BSCFM was co-founded by Daniel Barenboim, a renowned pianist and conductor, and his late friend Edward Said, the Palestinian professor, scholar, pianist, and music critic who was one of the founders of postcolonial studies. After a lifetime of activism, academia, and musicianship, Said dedicated the final years of his life to making classical music accessible to Palestinian children and young adults. The BSCFM is the culmination of that mission. 

Located in Ramallah, Palestine, the center offers classical music studies to children and young adults, regardless of socioeconomic background or skill level as well as individual lessons, group orchestra and choir practices, performance opportunities regionally and internationally, and summer-camp exchange programs. Further, BSCFM teachers host public concerts and invite celebrated musicians from around the world to perform for audiences in Ramallah.

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