First Star, Inc. First Star, Inc.

First Star, Inc.

First Star improves the lives of foster youth by partnering with child welfare agencies, universities, and school districts to ensure foster youth have the academic and life skills and adult support needed to transition to higher education and adulthood successfully.

Connecting Foster Youth to Collegiate Opportunities

First Star, Inc.

Since its establishment in 1999, First Star's work has been rooted in a steadfast commitment to improving the lives of children. When it was initially founded, the organization's mission was to serve children affected by abuse and neglect. Today, First Star partners with universities and child welfare agencies to build long-term, institutionally-backed investments in the lives of foster youth. First Star operates Academies at twelve university campuses, constituting the United States' most comprehensive long-term college readiness program for high school foster youth. These Academies are located on campuses including Arizona State University, UCLA, and the University of Miami. Students participate in immersive summer residential programs and monthly programs on the university campuses, and are supported by a team of both professional staff and former program participants serving as college mentors. The Academies currently provide approximately 350 students and their families holistic, long-term educational case-management to help sustain the progress youth make in their university immersion sessions. Since the Academies were established, 98% of students who completed the four-year program have graduated from high school and 91% have enrolled in higher education.

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