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Gustave Roussy

The Paris oncology hospital is one of Europe's premier cancer centers.

Continuing a Century-Long Commitment to Cancer Care

Gustave Roussy

In 1925, the Seine Conseil Général established the Paris Suburban Regional Cancer Centre and appointed Professor Gustave Roussy as its director. Two years later, France recognized the Centre's Institut du Cancer to be of public benefit. In 1950, it was renamed the Institut Gustave-Roussy after its late director before being renamed again to Gustave Roussy in 2013.

Over the last century, the hospital has remained committed to provide excellent cancer patient care, conduct cutting-edge research, and educate a new generation of practitioners in the fight against cancer. Gustave Roussy, holding to the values of its founding director, approaches oncology from a multi-disciplinary strategy that integrates care, research, and teaching with both innovation and humanity. Today, the cancer center's staff — which includes 585 doctors and 1,000 researchers — is committed to offering patients world-class treatment and advancing the understanding of cancers.

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