Kingsford Elementary School Kingsford Elementary School

Kingsford Elementary School

Located in Mitchellville, Maryland, the grade school that serves pre-K through fifth-grade students is committed to providing an educational environment that fosters a sense of community.

Pursuing Academic Achievement

Kingsford Elementary School

Kingsford Elementary School's work is rooted in the philosophy that all students, regardless of background, can learn and achieve their full potential, with the proper resources and support. To provide this support, the school employs creative teaching techniques in the classroom and encourages parent involvement. Beyond academic achievement, Kingsford Elementary School's approach emphasizes the social, emotional, and physical health of its students.

In 2004, Kingsford Elementary School implemented the innovative technological program KidBiz3000 for its students. The platform is a web-based reading and writing instruction program for second- through eighth-grade students that is designed to integrate with the teacher's lesson plans and curriculum. The program allows every teacher to assign individualized reading and writing assignments according to each student's personal level, offering personalized coursework that can improve proficiency.

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