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Los Angeles Trade Technical College is a public community college in South Los Angeles. To ensure all students succeed, the College developed Pathways for Academic, Career, and Transfer Success. Pathways provides the framework for increasing the number of certificates, degrees, and industry-recognized credentials earned, plus successful transfers and students who have completed the basic skills sequence.

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LA Trade Technical College

One of nine campuses in the Los Angeles Community College District, the Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC) serves thousands of students in the Los Angeles area pursuing post-secondary education and certification. Although a large proportion of students pursue technical training at LATTC, students can also get Associate's Degrees and choose to transfer to a four-year university. Nearly half of LATTC students also work a minimum of 30 hours per week at jobs outside of school.

In order to increase student success in balancing their academic and professional lives, as well as to provide a framework for success following college, LATTC has created what it calls the Pathway system. The school currently offers six Pathways, each focusing on a different area of study: Advanced Transportation and Manufacturing; Construction, Maintenance and Utilities; Design and Media Arts; Health Sciences; Liberal Arts; and Culinary and Cosmetology Arts. Each Pathway program combines a multitude of courses, activities, and supportive resources designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge, certifications, and credentials they need to see their own pathway culminate in career success.

Golden Opportunities Provided and Recognized

Each semester, the Gold Thimble Fashion Show provides graduating fashion students with an opportunity to design clothing, compete with fellow fashion students, and see their work on models walking down a real runway. The winning designers in each of seven categories are awarded the Gold Thimble Award for their creativity and skill.

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