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Monarch School

San Diego's Monarch School serves the county's homeless youth, providing a safe environment for students to learn, grow, and prepare for bright futures.

Enabling Inclusive Education

Monarch School

Monarch School is an innovative collaboration between the San Diego County Office of Education and the nonprofit Monarch School Project, aimed at inspiring and supporting homeless students to pursue an education. The brainchild of teacher Sandra McBrayer, the public school has been open since 1987 and has grown from a single-room educational center to a full school that serves students between kindergarten and 12th grade. Today, the school serves up to 350 students daily, and is considered a leader in the movement to educate youth impacted by homelessness.

Facilitating Comprehensive Growth

Monarch School's approach is multi-faceted; every student's personalized path to success includes support in academics, emotional growth, social skills, and life skills. Each of these areas of focus works together to not only ensure that students succeed academically and socially during their time at Monarch School, but also to encourage and equip them to move on to postsecondary education or a career of their choice. This innovative structure, which combines meeting basic needs with providing quality education, allows students to excel in a safe and consistent environment.

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