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Pitzer College

Pitzer College, located in Claremont, California, is committed to shaping thoughtful and engaged global citizens through a rigorous and interdisciplinary liberal arts education.

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Pitzer College

Pitzer College was established in 1963 as the sixth institution of The Claremont Colleges, a consortium of seven prestigious private colleges located in Southern California. The College began with an entering class of 153 students, as a liberal arts campus for women with a focus on the social and behavioral sciences. Today, Pitzer College's coeducational population is made up of more than 1,000 students, and it offers bachelor of arts degrees in more than 40 fields. The school is known for its rigorous, interdisciplinary coursework, as well as its highly individualized instructional model. Further, Pitzer College is home to the first ever secular studies program in the United States. Through its impressive academic offerings and vibrant on-campus culture, the college produces hardworking students who go on to be well-rounded, socially responsible changemakers. This process is well-represented by Pitzer College's five core values: social responsibility, intercultural understanding, interdisciplinary learning, student engagement, and environmental sustainability.

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