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Teaching Matters

The New York City-based professional learning organization improves teacher effectiveness to expand educational opportunities for marginalized and disadvantaged students.

Enriching Learning for Educators

Teaching Matters

Teaching Matters is a national nonprofit organization committed to a world vision in which every student, regardless of their zip code, has access to excellent teaching. In pursuit of this goal, Teaching Matters partners with schools, school districts, and state level officials to identify and remedy inequities perpetuated by unjust educational systems. The organization employs evidence-based known strategies and strives to create innovative new solutions.

Since its founding in 1994, the Manhattan-based Teaching Matters has supported 1,600 schools, coached 38,000 teachers, and impacted the lives of more than 625,000 students. In addition to investing resources in teachers and education leaders in marginalized communities, Teaching Matters partners with districts and state agencies to provide talented teachers with career pathways that elevate them into leadership roles. Through this multifaceted work, Teaching Matters seeks to reshape the American educational system so that it equitably serves all children from all communities.

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