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Virginia Department of Education

The state agency's mission is to develop and maintain a public education system that ensures student success.

Implementing Innovative Methods of Instruction

Virginia Department of Education

The Virginia Department of Education is committed to overseeing a public education system that meets the needs of students to learn and assists students in becoming productive and responsible members of society. The department collaborates closely with government officials — including Virginia's governor and secretary of education — as well as local school boards, parents, and other stakeholders. Each year, it administers the education of more than 1 million students with diverse needs and abilities.

In the early 2000's, the Virginia Department of Education began implementing the innovative platform KidBiz3000 across its schools. The web-based reading and writing instruction program for second- through eighth- grade students is designed to integrate with the teacher's lesson plans and curriculum. The program allows every teacher to assign individualized reading and writing assignments according to each student's personal level, offering personalized coursework that can improve learning proficiency.

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