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We Care Outreach Ministries

The nonprofit organization works directly with at-risk youth in the Watts community to reduce gang-related violence, keep kids in school, provide safe passages to the local schools, and secure brighter futures for its residents. 

Ensuring Educational Opportunities for Youth

We Care Outreach Ministries

We Care Outreach Ministries was founded by Elder Michael Cummings, or "Big Mike" as he is fondly called in Watts. A Pentecostal pastor and gang interventionist, Mike is dedicated to elevating the lives of Watts youth while grappling with some of the most challenging issues facing that community. He is a highly revered figure, both by law enforcement and within Watts, working to understand, evaluate, and defuse tensions among community members.

We Care also works to resolve conflicts through its Basketball Peace Truce Games. These games bring together youth from different communities within Watts. Through the medium of team sports, We Care Outreach Ministries encourages the development of leadership and team-building skills while simultaneously promoting peace, encouraging individual excellence, and providing a safe extracurricular activity for students.  

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Programming - Keeper of the Dream

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general operating support

holiday programming


Programming - Keeper of the Dream & Safe Passages to School

General Operating Support


Programming - Safe Passages to School, Keeper of the Dream & Safe Cities


Programming - Midnight Basketball League & Keeper of the Dream

Holiday Programming


Programming - Midnight Basketball League, Keeper of the Dream & Safe Passages to School