Associação para Investigação do Meio Marinho (AIMM)

Associação para Investigação do Meio Marinho (AIMM)

AIMM is an international organization dedicated to increased research, understanding, and conservation of the world's treasured marine systems and the creatures who dwell within them.

Enhancing International Conservation Efforts

Associação para Investigação do Meio Marinho (AIMM)

The Marine Environment Research Association (AIMM) was born from the initiative of a group of Portuguese marine biologists and researchers developing research and educational programs for the marine environment. The organization is specifically concerned with the conservation of several marine species of cetaceans, marine turtles, sharks, and birds. These conservation efforts are broken down into three major categories: research, awareness and education, and oceanic expeditions. Each category contributes to AIMM's dedication to providing a scientific basis for conservation efforts, educating the public, and developing a more rigorous code of conduct for marine tourism activities. AIMM was founded in 2010 as a non-profit, non-governmental organization with international scope.

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