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EcoPeace Middle East

The non-governmental coalition of environmentalists from Jordan, Palestine, and Israel promotes cooperative, sustainable regional development. 

Revolutionizing Environmental Efforts

EcoPeace Middle East

EcoPeace Middle East was established in 1994 by a group of local environmental nongovernmental organizations that saw the critical need for Jordan, Palestine, and Israel to incorporate environmental considerations into regional development and policy plans. Given that Middle East inhabitants depend on many of the same limited natural resources, the group identified essential ecosystems, such as the Dead Sea and Jordan River Basin, that will not survive without international cooperation in sustainable planning and development.

With offices located in each of the three nations, EcoPeace engages in a bottom-up approach emphasizing grassroots projects and a top-down approach advocating for change on a policy level. The organization's work focuses on specific geographic regions, addresses the intersections of environmentalism and socioeconomic issues, and generates local solutions to climate-change consequences. Through this work, EcoPeace champions environmental peacebuilding in Jordan, Palestine, and Israel, and its model is being replicated in other water-related conflict zones across the globe.

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