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International Community Foundation

The International Community Foundation facilitates United States donations to support social and environmental causes in Baja California and Latin America.

Encouraging International Support for Important Projects

International Community Foundation

Established in 1990, the International Community Foundation's (ICF) mission is to connect donors in the United States to meaningful projects that provide health and human services, organize educational programming, and champion environmental causes in Baja California and Latin America. The organization does this through an approach that prioritizes personal connections and cultural understanding: maintaining longstanding relationships with local organizations and ensuring a deep understanding of the regions in order to guide American philanthropy. Additionally, in northwest Mexico, the Foundation closely engages in capacity building with more than 60 nonprofit organizations to ensure that they have the organizational and technological resources to carry out important projects, strategically plan for the future, and grow.

In 2001, a team of researchers led by William Saturno, an associate professor of archaeology at Boston University, discovered the oldest known intact Mayan murals in San Bartolo, Guatemala. This discovery offered the world a rare insight into the artistic, cultural, and religious heritage of the Maya. Following this discovery, the International Community Foundation established the San Bartolo Fund for U.S. donors to support efforts to excavate, study, and preserve these critically important murals.

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