Wildlife Conservation Society Wildlife Conservation Society

Wildlife Conservation Society

The internationally focused Wildlife Conservation Society strives to shield endangered and vital ecosystems across the globe from issues that threaten them. This includes promoting peaceful and sustainable solutions to conflicts between humans and elephants in Tanzania's rural farmlands.  

Balancing the Needs of Humans and Wildlife

Wildlife Conservation Society

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is dedicated to conserving some of the world's largest wild places and the biodiversity that lays within these vital ecosystems. The organization operates in 16 locations, which it calls priority regions, and these locations contain approximately half of the world's biodiversity. WCS's work is comprised of scientific research, policy interventions, and partnerships with other local organizations similarly striving to conserve the environment and bridge a growing gap between humans and nature. In recent years, the Wildlife Conservation Society has developed an increasingly prevalent focus on how best to respond to rapidly occurring climate change in order to minimize its harmful impact on our world's ecosystems.

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Programming - Tanzanian Natural Resource Forum, Human-Elephant Conflict