French American Museum Exchange (FRAME) French American Museum Exchange (FRAME)

French American Museum Exchange (FRAME)

The consortium of major museums in France and North America cultivates cultural exchange and collaboration.

Activating Cultural Alliances

French American Museum Exchange (FRAME)

FRench American Museum Exchange (FRAME) was established in 1999 with a vision of cultural diplomacy through collaboration between fine arts institutions. It was founded with 18 member museums across France and North America and has grown into a consortium of 32 museums. Through this intercontinental network, FRAME fosters partnerships between institutions with remote and in-person gatherings to develop unique exhibitions, host professional exchanges among museum staff, offer public education programs, and engage member professionals in scholarly dialogue.

Additionally, FRAME hosts an annual conference each fall and a number of other in-person events to bring together representatives from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean for in-person gatherings. As the only global network of its kind, FRAME — which maintains offices in Essex, Connecticut and Paris — has proven to be a highly productive collaboration and mutually beneficial cultural alliance that transcends distance and politics.

GRoW Support


Exhibition - Joseph Cornell and Surrealism


Exhibition - Caravaggio and His European Followers


Project - "Adam and Eve" Paintings Exchange


Exhibition - "Starting from Scratch: American and European Art in the aftermath of World War II (1945-1950)" - Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon in Lyon, France


Project - FRAME Membership Expansion


Project - FRAME Membership Expansion


Project - FRAME Membership Expansion


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