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Portland Art Museum

Portland Art Museum is the seventh oldest museum in the United States and the oldest in the Pacific Northwest.

Archiving the Arts from Ancient to Contemporary

Portland Art Museum

Portland Art Museum was established in 1892 after seven community leaders formed the Portland Art Association. Its collection, which today consists of more than 50,000 objects, began with 100 plaster casts of Greek and Roman sculptures. More than a century after the Museum's founding, its vast collection is housed in 112,000 square feet of galleries. The collection spans thousands of years of global history, from artifacts of ancient times to the contemporary works of today. Although the collection contains a wide range of objects, it is most renowned for its Native American art, English silver, and graphic arts. Further, the Museum deeply values lifelong learning. Through its education and community outreach programs, the Museum encourages its 350,000 annual visitors of all ages to discover, engage with, and learn about the works in its collection.

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