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French Heritage Society

The French Heritage Society is an American organization committed to restoring, preserving, and promoting French architectural and cultural heritage.

Preserving France's Past, Facilitating a Franco-American Future

French Heritage Society

The French Heritage Society was established in 1982 in the United States with a clear vision: to inspire future generations with the treasures of French architectural and cultural heritage in both France and America. Today, the organization operates ten chapters in cities across the United States and one in Paris, and has supported the restoration and preservation of countless important French sites in both countries through fundraising and grants. In addition to protecting these physical representations of French culture, the French Heritage Society transmits knowledge and skills across the Atlantic Ocean through educational programs for architects, art connoisseurs and collectors, artisans, and students. For more than 35 years, the Society's Student Exchange Program has facilitated summer internships in the arts and horticulture for students at major institutions in France and the United States. Further, the organization fosters Franco-American friendship and understanding at the professional level, offering international conferences, galas, lectures, and more for diverse audiences.

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