Bevis Marks Synagogue Bevis Marks Synagogue

Bevis Marks Synagogue

Bevis Marks Synagogue, located in London, is the oldest synagogue in Britain and the only European institution of its kind to have continuously-held services for over 300 years.

A Sephardic Synagogue's Legacy Still Stands

Bevis Marks Synagogue

Bevis Marks Synagogue, whose name in Hebrew, Qahal Kadosh Sha'ar ha-Shamayim, directly translates to "Holy Congregation The Gates of Heaven," was founded in 1701 by a small community of Sephardic Jews. It is the oldest synagogue in the United Kingdom in continuous use. The synagogue was constructed as a symbol of gratitude for the refuge the Spanish and Portuguese Jews found in London following their resettlement in England. In the centuries since its establishment, the synagogue has withstood renovations, fluctuations in the local Jewish community, bombings, and two world wars. Today, the local Sephardic Jewish community has significantly diminished, but the synagogue remains an important cultural institution and religious site. It hosts Shabbat and weekday services, as well as weddings and other events. Further, the synagogue has evolved into a tourism site, offering tours to visitors from across the globe.

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