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Homeboy Industries

Located in Los Angeles, the largest re-entry program in the United States for formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated individuals provides comprehensive resources for healing and growth.

Providing Lifechanging Services for Former Gang Members

Homeboy Industries

In 1988, Father Greg Boyle founded Jobs for a Future, a small initiative that offered employment and education as an opportunity for former gang members in the Los Angeles community of Boyle Heights to change the course of their lives. In 2001, the program was expanded and renamed Homeboy Industries. Today, the organization is recognized as one of the most successful and comprehensive re-entry and rehabilitation programs in the country.

Homeboy Industries hosts an 18-month program to 200-plus men and women at a time that features an innovative combination of paid job-training, tattoo removal, substance-abuse treatment, education, and legal assistance to establish a helpful community for former gang members. Homeboy Industries' model is so effective that it has been replicated across the globe and its founder, Father Boyle, is now an internationally recognized expert in rehabilitation and re-entry. 

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