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The Hudson Review

The Hudson Review is a quarterly magazine that explores literature and the arts.

Illuminating Literary and Artistic Criticism

The Hudson Review

The Hudson Review, based in New York City, was established in 1948 as a forum to explore a wide range of topics in literature and the arts. Today, more than 50 years later, the magazine is distributed in 25 countries around the globe. The Hudson Review is not affiliated with a university or any particular school of thought; rather, the magazine's interest lies in exploring the vast ways in which literature and the arts intersect with American culture and life. In its history, The Hudson Review has published the works of both established and new writers, including many who later went on to become major literary figures.

In addition to publishing the quarterly, internationally-read magazine, The Hudson Review operates programs that align with its mission to critically explore topics relating to literature and the arts. In 2011, the organization partnered with the Cluny Museum in Paris to host "Thibaut de Champagne and le Manuscript du Roi," a concert series showcasing Medieval poems from the 13th century. The Hudson Review played a critical role in translating the poems and published them in the magazine. The concert series was held in conjunction with an exhibition at the Cluny Museum documenting the Crusades. Today, The Hudson Review hosts the Writers in the Schools program in partnership with low-income high schools in the New York metropolitan area and the City University of New York (CUNY). Through this program, students meet with writers from recent magazine editions to read and discuss their work to foster their exposure to and passion for the literary arts.

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Concert Series - Thibaut de Champagne and le Manuscript du Roi (Cluny Museum)