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LA84 Foundation

LA84 Foundation is a Los Angeles-based organization that serves as a national leader in sports equity, supporting youth sport programs for children of all backgrounds and promoting the role of athletics in healthy youth development.

Pushing the Needle on Equitable Play

LA84 Foundation

LA84 Foundation was established in 1985 with a portion of the proceeds from the 1984 Olympics, which were hosted in Los Angeles. The Foundation's work is driven by an unwavering belief in the power of sport to shape youth development and empower communities. Since its founding over 35 years ago, LA84 has supported thousands of community-based youth sports organizations throughout Southern California, especially those in communities most affected by poverty. These critical programs reach approximately 30,000 children each year. Further, the Foundation trains coaches – over 75,000 to date – commissions research, and organizes conferences. The Annual Youth Sports Summit convenes hundreds of people each year to learn from thought-leaders on topics including the benefits of sports, the inequities that bar access to such play, and the need for expanded, more inclusive programs. In addition to this impressive range of work, LA84 Foundation maintains the world's premier Olympic and sports library collection.

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