Land Conservation Assistance Network Land Conservation Assistance Network

Land Conservation Assistance Network

Formerly known as Resources First, the Maine-based nonprofit organization offers tools and resources to landowners so they can help to protect endangered species and ecosystems.

Safeguarding Nature and Promoting Sustainability on Private Lands

Land Conservation Assistance Network

Founded in 2000, the Land Conservation Assistance Network (LandCAN) offers conservation resources for farmers, foresters, ranchers, and other landowners seeking to more sustainably and responsibly manage their properties and the species that live on them. LandCAN stresses the importance of wetland, wildlife, and tree-farm conservation while providing educational tools to empower landowners so they can be responsible stewards of the environment. The LandCAN resource directory features information on land trusts, nonprofit conservation organizations, government funding, and technical assistance programs. LandCAN also educates on conservation opportunities, land management, and tax and estate planning strategies tied to land conservation and preservation. These educational and functional resources work hand-in-hand to engage landowners in concerted conservation efforts that begin in their own backyard.  

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