San Francisco Bicycle Coalition San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

The Northern California-based nonprofit organization strives to transform San Francisco's streets and neighborhoods into safer, more livable places by promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation.

Gearing Up for a New Generation of Riders

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

One of the oldest active bicycle advocacy groups in the United States, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition was founded in 1971 by a group of environmental and neighborhood activists in 1971. Since then, it has grown into the premiere grassroots alliance championing bicycle safety and viability in the city. The coalition is driven almost entirely by volunteers, comprising one of the country's largest and most successful bicycle advocacy groups.

In addition to pushing for safety-based changes such as protected bike lanes and road improvements, the organization is deeply entrenched in grassroots community programming and engagement. Through its Bike it Forward campaign, the coalition reclaims, repairs, and redistributes abandoned bicycles to underserved community members lacking affordable transportation. Additionally, the organization offers free bicycle classes to youth, families, and identity-based groups such as Women Bike SF, encouraging people from diverse backgrounds in the city to connect through a shared love for riding.

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