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Multifaith Alliance

The New York City-based nonprofit organization provides essential aid as part of an interfaith response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

Addressing a Crisis Across the Boundaries of Faith

Multifaith Alliance

Established in 2013, the Multifaith Alliance (formerly known as the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees) was founded to mobilize a coordinated response to the widespread humanitarian crisis resulting from the Syrian Civil War, which started two years prior. The Multifaith Alliance (MFA) includes more than 100 faith-based and secular partners that advocate for sensible responses to the crisis and address the plight of Syrian refugees through direct humanitarian aid. MFA began relief deliveries in 2016, and the organization has since shipped more than $415 million of food, clothing, shelter, medicine, medical supplies, and other emergency provisions from the United States to opposition-held territories in Syria and bordering refugee camps in Iraq, Lebanon, and Turkey.

Further, MFA manages the Primary Healthcare Center, which is the only such facility in northeast Syria and provides free essential medical services. The hospital serves as the site of a pilot project featuring Watergen, a solar-powered generator that converts moisture in the air into clean drinking water. In addition, the organization seeks to elevate awareness of the crisis and counter fears about resettling Syrian refugees, which include economic displacement and terrorism, and it works on Capitol Hill to advocate for humane refugee policies.

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