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American Academy in Rome

The American Academy in Rome is the oldest American overseas center for advanced research and independent study in the humanities and fine arts.

Cultivating an International Community of Inspired Scholarship

American Academy in Rome

The American Academy in Rome is committed to providing a dynamic international community for innovative writers, artists, and scholars. Established in 1895 as the American School of Classical Studies in Rome, the institution evolved to become the American Academy in Rome in 1913. Since its inception, the Academy has offered Americans an invaluable opportunity: to engage with, work in, and study in one of the world's oldest and most vibrant cities. Every fall, the Academy opens up the application process for the Rome Prize. Each spring, the Academy selects the winning Fellows, specializing in the humanities - ancient studies, medieval studies, Renaissance and early modern studies, and Italian studies - and the fine arts - architecture, design arts, historic preservation and conservation, landscape architecture, literature, musical composition, and visual arts. The Fellows are invited to join a dynamic community of scholars and artists studying and working at the American Academy in Rome.

In addition to the Rome Prize and humanities and arts programs, the Academy is also home to the Rome Sustainable Food Project (RSFP) Internship Program. Founded in 2007 under the guidance of Alice Waters, RSFP interns train at the Academy for a rigorous period of four months, assisting American and Italian kitchen staff with the task of feeding the institution's community. The project teaches interns through hands-on, practical exposure to American and Italian cooking techniques. RSFP encourages combining these traditional techniques with principles of sustainability and nutrition to create wholesome dining options built from seasonal ingredients.

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