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Apne Aap is a grassroots organization dedicated to empowering women and demanding an end to sex trafficking.

Turning the Tables on Trafficking

Apne Aap

Founded in 2002 in Mumbai, India, Apne Aap's mission is to help marginalized women and girls around the world. The organization's work embodies two interrelated approaches: to empower and improve resources for the most marginalized of women, and to combat sex trafficking through policy change. Apne Aap's work spurred the creation of the U.S. based organization Girls for the Last Girl, founded by a small group of students to support Apne Aap's international work. Their joint programming established the Delhi Center for the Last Girl, a school on the Delhi-Haryana border for girls who are trapped in intergenerational prostitution. While at the Center, girls and their mothers take classes taught by Apne Aap staff, receive legal assistance, undergo vocational training, and are provided with low-cost food and housing. By offering these comprehensive services, Apne Aap and Girls for the Last Girl are committed to subverting the cycle of intergenerational prostitution and reducing the risk of sex trafficking.

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