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East Side Riders Bike Club is a grassroots organization located in Watts, whose goal is to change the lives of young adults and the structure of the community as a whole by fostering a passion for bicycle riding. Founded in 2008, the organization started as a way to prevent Watts youth from joining gangs or using drugs. Since then, it has become a powerhouse in bike safety education and advocacy, the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and the empowering rewards of enriching one's community.

Bicycles Give Back

East Side Riders Bike Club

In 2008, John Jones III and his family went on their first bike ride as a club through their community. As they rode through the streets of Watts, they handed out sandwiches and water to struggling community members they passed along the way.  

Since its founding, East Side Riders Bike Club's (ESRBC) drive to give back to the community has only grown. In 2010, the organization expanded its mission into bike safety advocacy, fighting for the construction of more bike lanes in Watts, educational programs regarding safe and proper riding techniques, and the recently developed "Life Lanes." Developed in collaboration with the Sheriff's office, the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition, and the Watts Labor Community Action Committee, these Life Lanes provide routes for increased bike traffic through Watts at any time of the day, protected from gang violence or interference.

The Watts community has historically struggled with health issues such as child obesity and asthma, as well as high rates of poverty and gang violence. East Side Riders Bike Club strives to use increased involvement in bicycle riding, education, and advocacy to grapple with each of these issues. Through programs such as the Bicycle Education and Safety Training (B.E.A.S.T.) classes, youth are provided with an alternative supportive community that discourages gang involvement and provides a gateway to a healthier and more active lifestyle.

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