Rabin Medical Center Rabin Medical Center

Rabin Medical Center

Located in Israel, the multidisciplinary medical institution is an international leader in comprehensive medical care, with innovative research and prestigious educational programs.

Integrating Technology and Medicine

Rabin Medical Center

Encompassing two globally renowned hospitals, Beilinson and Hasharon, the Rabin Medical Center is one of the country's largest and most prestigious health care institutions, dedicated to improving patient well-being and quality of life. The hospital's primary tool in accomplishing this mission is technology: the Medical Center is a global leader in technological innovation and its integration with patient care, research, and teaching strategies. Such innovation is deeply rooted in Rabin Medical Center's history. In 1938, Beilinson Hospital performed the first heart transplant in Israel and in 2001, Hasharon Hospital conducted the first robot-assisted cardiothoracic operation. Further, the Rabin Medical Center is particularly focused on providing world-class care for children, immigrants, and victims of war.

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Project - Intensive Care Unit Audio-Visual Art Project


Project - Intensive Care Unit Audio-Visual Art Project