Skid Row Housing Trust Skid Row Housing Trust

Skid Row Housing Trust

The Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization offers permanent supportive housing for individuals experiencing homelessness, severe poverty, chronic physical and/or mental illness, disabilities, or addiction.

Putting Housing First in the Fight to End Homelessness

Skid Row Housing Trust

Skid Row Housing Trust was established in 1989 to meet the needs of residents living on Skid Row, an area of approximately 50 blocks in downtown Los Angeles. Frequently inhabited by members of some of Los Angeles' most marginalized communities, Skid Row is home to many individuals experiencing homelessness because of severe poverty or other challenging circumstances. Skid Row Housing Trust uses an evidence-based Housing First model, which prioritizes the importance of offering people permanent supportive housing in order to break the cycle of homelessness. The trust manages and operates 24 buildings of permanent supportive housing in Los Angeles, as well as two buildings outside of the downtown area that serve veterans experiencing homelessness.

Additionally, the organization offers extensive supportive services to address challenges that residents may be experiencing, including post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental illness, substance abuse, and unemployment. Through this holistic approach, the trust has served countless unhoused individuals, boasting a 90 percent retention rate of residents remaining in their new homes during the first year of relocation.

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