Strides for Peace, Inc. Strides for Peace, Inc.

Strides for Peace, Inc.

Strides for Peace partners with local community organizations to strategically reduce gun violence throughout the city of Chicago and improve quality of life for its residents.

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Strides for Peace, Inc.

Strides for Peace was founded in 2014 in response to the soaring annual rates of gun violence in the city of Chicago. Rather than functioning as a traditional nonprofit organization, Strides for Peace works with existing grassroots organizations dedicated to decreasing gun violence in order to strategically generate and distribute critical resources. These existing organizations range from health-related groups to religious entities, sports teams, and law enforcement. In this way, Strides for Peace works to strengthen and amplify the success of existing groups deeply entrenched in the communities that they know well and serve best, while simultaneously building the infrastructure for new collaborative opportunities. Strides for Peace's annual "Race Against Gun Violence" is a key element of the organization's programming which brings together more than 40 nonprofits to raise awareness and funds that will help combat gun violence.

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