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Vision To Learn

The Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization partners with school districts to bring excellent eye care to underserved communities, creatively intertwining commitments to equitable education and accessible health resources.

Seeing a Brighter Future

Vision To Learn

High-quality eye care plays a critical role in allowing children to flourish at school, but it is often inaccessible in the country's most underserved communities. That's where Vision to Learn comes into focus. Founded in 2012 and initially operating out of a single van, Vision To Learn is now the largest school-based program of its kind in the United States, operating in more than 325 cities to provide kindergarten through 12th-grade students in under-resourced communities with comprehensive eye-care services, including vision screenings, eye exams, and glasses. By providing students everywhere with the eye-care resources that they need and deserve, Vision To Learn significantly improves academic, personal, and, eventually, professional outcomes for some of the nation's most vulnerable children.

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