Wildfire Disaster Relief

Wildfire Disaster Relief

In recent years, Southern California has faced two of its worst wildfires in recent history.  These wildfires have scorched hundreds of thousands of acres of land and displaced countless families in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. 

Supporting Wildfire Relief Efforts in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties

Wildfire Disaster Relief

A combined estimated 11 million people live in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties, two of the most populous and dense counties in Southern California. Although both areas are unfortunately familiar with annual wildfires instigated by a combination of dry Santa Ana winds and little precipitation, these years proved to be devastating to the region.  

Led by Charles Annenberg Weingarten and his explore.org team, Gregory Annenberg Weingarten joined other fellow Annenberg Foundation Directors, pledging to support the recovery efforts in the region by donating to the United Way of Ventura County, who are leaders in the recovery efforts.  Learn more at United Way of Ventura County.

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Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen's Fund

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Disaster Relief - Ventura County


Disaster Relief - Ventura and Los Angeles Counties