Yale Law School

Yale Law School

Yale Law School is home to the renowned Worker and Immigrant Rights Advocacy Clinic, which offers law students the opportunity to litigate and win high-profile cases that affect the lives of immigrants, low-wage workers, labor unions, and grassroots organizations.

The "Yale Model"

Yale Law School

Yale Law School was founded in the early 1800s as one of the first law schools in the United States and is consistently ranked as one of the top programs in the world. During the spring semester of their first year, Yale Law School encourages its students to supplement their academic studies with real-world knowledge by offering a robust clinical program. With 30 clinics to choose from, Yale students gain the opportunity to work on real cases and appear in court under the direction of a faculty supervisor at the beginning of their academic career.

"Fighting for the Rule of Law"
The Worker and Immigrant Rights Advocacy Clinic (WIRAC) pursues high-profile immigration cases around the country, and works to train the next generation of civil rights lawyers through hands-on experience. WIRAC works with immigrants, low-wage workers, grassroots organizations, and labor unions on cases involving social justice issues, criminal justice, and civil rights. The clinic is taught by four Yale faculty members who are leaders in the field of immigration law and has produced renowned civil rights lawyers across the country.

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Worker and Immigrant Rights Advocacy Clinic