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Abraham Path Initiative

Abraham Path Initiative leads guided walking tours across present-day Middle East in order to foster intercultural and intergenerational exchange.

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Abraham Path Initiative

Abraham Path Initiative (API) was established in 2006 at Harvard University's Program on Negotiation as a non-religious and non-political organization dedicated to connecting parts of the world through the simple act of walking. During API's first trip, a group of 25 researchers and explorers traveled the famous path that biblical figure Abraham walked centuries ago. Since then, API has led tens of thousands of travelers across this path and other historic routes across Jordan, Palestine, Turkey, and other Middle Eastern countries. At the center of these walking tours is storytelling; as participants walk, they hear and share stories of the people of the region. These stories engage a broad range of topics – from the perseverance of ancient religion and architecture to the effects of contemporary climate change. Through these experiences, API bolsters economic growth and fosters understanding across sometimes challenging intercultural and intergenerational divides, in one of the world's most contested regions. In recent years, API's work has expanded to include the API Fellows Program for writers, researchers, and explorers to more broadly disseminate the stories uncovered during walks along the trails.

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