Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music

At Berklee College of Music, students receive a world-class education incorporating disciplines ranging from music and the arts to business and technology.

Molding the World's Musicians

Berklee College of Music

In 1945, Lawrence Berk founded Schillinger House, the first college curriculum to centralize the study of jazz. Ten years later, Schillinger House was renamed Berklee College of Music. Since its founding, Berklee College of Music has gained a reputation as the leading institute for the study of contemporary music and the performing arts. With its main campus in Boston, and a satellite campus in Valencia, Spain, Berklee collaborates with other institutions, such as the Boston Conservatory and Harvard University, to offer "interdisciplinary approaches to music, dance, theater, film, business, healthcare, education, technology, and more."

Today, the College is home to more than 6,000 undergraduate students and nearly 600 graduate students, and provides programming for students in underserved communities across the country. Berklee's philosophy is rooted in two key principles: an arts education should be rooted in music of the contemporary moment, and in-class education must be paired with professional and practical skills. Through this unique curriculum, Berklee has graduated some of the world's most prominent and talented artists. The College claims nearly 300 alumni who have won a Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, or Tony award.

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