Homeless Not Toothless Homeless Not Toothless

Homeless Not Toothless

The nonprofit service organization Hprovides free, high-quality dental care in Los Angeles to unhoused individuals, residents living at or below the poverty line, and foster youth.

Dedicating Dental Services to Unhoused Angelenos

Homeless Not Toothless

Homeless Not Toothless (HNT) was established in 1992 when dentist Jay Grossman began handing out his business card to homeless residents he encountered on the streets. Within seven months, Grossman had performed more than 100 pro bono procedures for homeless clients, leading him to expand his practice into a nonprofit organization.

HNT partnered with the Venice Family Clinic to make this transition, and the two organizations continue to work closely together today. Nearly three decades after its founding, HNT has served more than 124,000 patients, including veterans, homeless individuals, foster youth, and other Angelenos in need. Beyond offering dental services through more than three dozen office locations, HNT seeks to address other challenges facing many of its clients; patients are required to engage in substance abuse recovery and to seek employment.

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