Holocaust Museum LA Holocaust Museum LA

Holocaust Museum LA

The Holocaust Museum LA, formerly known as the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, memorializes and honors those who perished and survived the events of the Holocaust.

Honoring Lives Lost to History

Holocaust Museum LA

The Holocaust Museum LA was established in 1961 by a group of Holocaust survivors, making it the oldest survivor-founded museum of its kind in the United States. The founders established the museum with their personal artifacts from the Holocaust era – photographs, uniforms, and other primary artifacts. In 2010, the museum relocated to a newly designed building in Pan Pacific Park in Los Angeles. The new building contains nine rooms which descend and decrease in light as a representation of the visitors' progression into the "darkest part of history." These rooms incorporate a combination of audio experiences, wall exhibits, photos, and video footage taken during the Holocaust.

The museum also highlights cases of non-Jewish individuals who saved Jewish lives, as well as the victimization of other non-Jewish, targeted groups during this era. Through this immersive experience and educational programming, the museum encourages visitors to connect with Holocaust survivors, invites Jewish students to remember a child who perished, and offers teachers resources to discuss the events of the Holocaust.

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