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Community Coalition

Community Coalition was founded in the 1990s to harness activism in South Los Angeles in order to bring about change.

Centralizing the Needs of the Community

Community Coalition

Community Coalition, one of South Los Angeles' most powerful activist organizations, began as an idea in 1990 when Congressmember Karen Bass (then, a physician's assistant) assembled an informal gathering of community leaders. Bass and the other leaders in attendance felt compelled to address the devastating impacts of South LA's crack-cocaine epidemic, as well as the resulting punitive practices characteristic of the era's "War on Drugs." Above all else, these founding members believed it was essential for the city's African American and Latino residents to guide the conversation about solutions and foster change from the inside out. Since then, Community Coalition has emerged as a powerful leader in combatting addiction, poverty, crime, and violence. Through a combination of community organizing and policy advocacy, Community Coalition uplifts the voices of South LA residents and champions grassroots change.

Addressing Challenges, Championing Change
As part of their work, Community Coalition serves as a producing partner for embRACE LA, a Los Angeles-based initiative launched in 2016. Established by LA City Council members, this initiative is supported by crucial nonprofit partners, including the Community Coalition Advancement Project, W.K. Kellogg Foundation's Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation (TRHT), the Department of the Future, and Revolve Future. embRACE LA encourages individuals and organizations to host conversations about race in order to foster understanding, communication, and collaboration. In 2018 alone, embRACE LA facilitated 1,500 conversations across the City of Los Angeles. This initiative embodies Community Coalition's fundamental belief in the importance of community engagement in seeking equity for all of LA's residents.

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