Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue

Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue

The Southern California Reconstructionist center for Jewish cultural and spiritual life merges a deep reverence for ancient tradition with a strong commitment to supporting the contemporary needs of the Jewish community.

Adapting Ancient Ideals for a Modern Jewish Community

Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue

Since 1981, the Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue has offered the Los Angeles Jewish community a Reconstructionist approach to Judaism. The temple's programs and events, hosted in a progressive, idyllic beachside community, embody its reverence for Judaism's past as well as its passion to adapt the religion to today's world. The Religious School Program and B'Nai Mitzvah Preparation serve the congregation's children while the Adult Education and Torah Study courses support members seeking to learn later in life. Furthermore, the center embodies inclusivity, from identity-based events such as the LGBTQ+ Passover Seder to accessibility-driven programming including Hand to Hand, a social program for young adults with disabilities. Above all else, the Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue strives to make its facilities — and the religious ideals that it embodies — accessible to all who seek to learn, experience, and grow.

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