American Hospital of Paris American Hospital of Paris

American Hospital of Paris

The not-for-profit multidisciplinary institution combines the best of French and American medicine to offer patients high-quality, personal, and ethical care.

Forging an Enduring Franco-American Medical Alliance

American Hospital of Paris

The American Hospital of Paris was conceptualized by French doctor A.J. Magnin and American expatriate Harry Antony van Bergen in 1904, and with the help of a few dedicated donors, the hospital officially opened in 1906. The duo envisioned an institution that would provide Americans residing in Paris quality medical care from American-trained physicians, regardless of financial means.

Over the last century, the hospital was designated a United States federal institution, converted to a military hospital during wartime, renovated, and expanded. Despite the many changes it has experienced, the American Hospital of Paris has remained committed to its primary objective: to offer patients the very best that American and French medicine has to offer. The hospital's 800-plus salaried employees, including 300 accredited physicians and surgeons, serve thousands of patients through its direct services every year.

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