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Brilliant Corners develops supportive housing solutions designed to empower and enable individuals to achieve housing stability.

Supporting People on the Journey to Housing Stability

Brilliant Corners

Brilliant Corners was founded in 2004 from the belief that having a place to call home is the fundamental cornerstone of health, well-being, and independence. This Los Angeles-based organization has been focused on remediating the effects of the city's pressing housing crisis through a supportive housing model by combining affordable housing with other crucial life-improving services. The organization's expansive, wrap-around services reach vulnerable low-income communities of all backgrounds: individuals and families, youth and seniors, and veterans. Brilliant Corners' work embodies a focus on systems-wide transformation; with more than 70 partner agencies, Brilliant Corners leverages a network of landlords, government entities, and social service providers. Through this network, the organization owns and manages 236 residential properties, acquires and develops new properties, and offers comprehensive housing and case management services. In just the past five years, Brilliant Corners has housed nearly 8,000 individuals transitioning from, experiencing, or at risk of homelessness or institutionalization.

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